St John's Anglican Cathedral

St John's Anglican Cathedral
The Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine, St. John's, Antigua, West Indies

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Stained Glass Windows

There are three Stained-Glass Windows over the High Altar in the Sanctuary. 

Window to the North
 Othwindow tthe north are thArmof thDiocese.......

Central East window
Thcentraeast window portrays in coloureglass thCrucifixion of Our Lord with thBlessed Mary on onside and thApostle St. John the Divinon thother. Underneath iithfollowininscription:
"This window is placed ba few friends with respecand affection tthe Memorof thRight Reverend D. G. Davis, first Bishop of Antigua."

Window to the South
..........whilst on the windoto the south the Armof thDiocese are impalewith those othfirsBishop. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stained Glass Window Restoration

The stained glass windows have been removed and will be sent overseas for cleaning and repair.  The restoration of this impressive and inspiring part of the Cathedral has been funded by our dear friends at the Mill Reef Fund.(click here)  The Mill Reef Fund is one of the oldest contributors to the Restoration.

Here are the windows prior to their removal.
(click on all the pictures for a close up)
Arms of the Diocese

Crucifixion of Our Lord

Arms of the Diocese impaled with those of the first Bishop
The first windows are removed

Window pane removal

Some panes were so broken and weak we had to tape them for shipping

Center pane of the center window showing cracks
They will return and be reinstalled in three months.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Brass Candelabrum - restored to its original form

The Candelabrum has been restored to how it may have appeared between 1740 and 1886.

Candelabrum today

Candelabrum Prior to the Cathedral closure in 2009

Candelabrum lit
 See its history here. The Brass Candelabrum

Its journey of restoration here. Brass Candelabrum - New Arms

Messages from the past

Brass Candelabrum - Restored

Monday, June 25, 2018

Let there be Light

Chandeliers, Candelabrum, Brass Lanterns

Cathedral Nave

Brass Lantern



Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chapel and Ground Floor Pew Boards Completed

The Ground Floor pew boards, Blessed Sacrament and Memorial Chapel floors have been completed. The pews have been brought in and stored on the ground floor level so I did not get a good shot of the completed floor boards in the nave.